Day: March 14, 2019

Maternity Clothes: A Complete Buying Guide


Maternity is a happy experience.  However, the pregnant woman has to ensure that she wears comfortable clothing. A complete guide for buying maternity clothes is given below:

1.    During maternity, one should ensure that the garment does not restrict free blood circulation.  One has to avoid the dresses fitted with rigid and robust elastic.  During pregnancy water retention will be more in the body.  Wearing a tight dress can cause pain.  Buying lose dresses and altering them a little would be helpful.  Dresses made out of stretchable fabric would be the best choice.

2.    Buttoned dresses are to be avoided.  When the belly starts growing, it would be difficult to button the dress fully.  For example, T-shirts would be more comfortable to wear than a buttoned shirt.

3.    During maternity; finding the right size of the robe is difficult.  The stomach region keeps growing every month.  Hence buying dresses with more scope of adjustments would be budget-friendly.  For example, if there is side ropes which can be loosened to make a top a little large, one can use the top for another two months.  This will reduce the expenses of buying a new set of clothes once again due to increased size. 

4.    A most important requirement is purchasing a good bathrobe.  Check for a wide range of quality bathrobes.  These come in silk and cotton as well.  A wrapper would be useful even after delivery.  It can be used in the hospital as well as home.  These robes provide much comfort during the initial days of birth and feeding.

5.    Even the inner garments need to be bought new.   Buying comfortable and more supportive innerwear is a must.

6.    There are specific maternity dresses.  For example, mom jeans, night robe for mothers, etc.  Buying these would be more helpful.

7.    During the latter months of pregnancy, one should analyze the scope of using the dresses beyond maternity.  Buying dresses which could be used even after delivery would reduce the expenses.…


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