The 10 Best Designer Cross Body Bags (Review)

The 10 Best Designer Cross Body Bags (Review)

Are you looking for a bag that fits the perfect definition of the latest trend and is comfortable and handy as well? If yes, then it’s time to purchase a classy cross body bag that fits your requirements and taste. Cross body bags are ruling the fashion market because of their perfect size and exquisite designs, you can keep them along with you, and they can be your companion during traveling. They are available in various colors and styles, looping over your shoulder with their long strand, they also provide freedom to your hands. So, it is time to upgrade your wardrobe with classic cross body bags; no need to worry; we have got this covered too. We have chosen the best available designs in the market to select the most suitable one.

1. Fossil Women’s Kinley cross body bag

Fossil Women’s Kinley cross body bag

This sophisticated mini bag is available in a variety of eye-catching colors combined with different stripe patterns. This bag’s notable feature is its long adjustable strap, making it easy to carry on the shoulder. It enables the user to enjoy an outing or traveling by keeping things in an accessible way. It is made from imported quality soft leather material and has an external slide pocket which is handy for small objects like keys and cards. The zipper closure offers a hidden feature of an easy magnetic snap, making it more secure for use and making you carry thins without the fear of dropping them.


  • Imported quality
  • Soft leather material
  • Adjustable strap
  • Good quality
  • Stylish
  • Different colors available
  • Zipper and magnetic closure
  • Affordable price


  • Size is a bit small but can carry a wallet and mobile
  • Strip pattern can get dusty.

2. Michael Kors Women cross body bag

Michael Kors Women cross body bag

This is a well-crafted bag made up of saffiano leather of the finest quality. It comes with a stylish chain strap with a metallic finish increasing the elegance in its design. It gives you a choice to select from twenty-five different colors finished with golden polish. Adding to its beauty, it is the original log of Michael Knors on its front side. It is quite durable and spacious, can carry all your necessary items of everyday life. It has a zipper on top with a lined pocket and a sturdy and firm material. It keeps user stylish and gives a graceful look.

It has an additional feature that its different bold rich colors offer differences in sizes, which can be notified with a size chart. It is approximately nine-inch-long and padded lining covering it from inside. It also has a twenty-three-inch-long adjustable strap studded with a beautiful gold chain.


  • Spacious
  • Great quality
  • Chain strap
  • Twenty-five different colors


  • Single pocket with zipper

3. Fossil’s Women Fiona cross body purse

Fossil’s Women Fiona cross body purse

It is a spacious and beautiful cross body bag made up of good quality leather material with a vintage touch adding to its beauty. It is loved because of its three pockets, one with a zipper making room for everyday stuff for you. It has an adjustable leather strap, which makes it accessible quickly. It has a polish which prevents it from dust and gives it a finishing look.

There is a protective covering on it, which prevents it from dust. It is quite spacious and is beautifully crafted with nine-inch length. It is made from imported quality material and has a back slide pocket for convenience.


  • Quite spacious
  • Good quality
  • Leather material
  • Ten different colors available
  • Zipper pocket
  • Imported
  • Adjustable strap
  • Polyesters from inside


  • Devoid of shiny appearance

4. Michael Kors Jet Set Travel Signature bag

Michael Kors Jet Set Travel Signature bag

This cross body bag is specially designed for traveling purposes. It offers two colors to choose from, black and vanilla, with a classic original Michael kors logo on its front side. This bag’s perk is the space it offers and pockets; it has pockets on both front and backside with zip closure. It comes with 23 inches long removable leather strap, which can be easily adapted on the shoulder. It has an elegant metallic finish on its external surface.

It is rectangular shaped, excellent quality with a broad strap. It is eight-inch in length and has an additional open pocket on its backside; It is also provided with a care booklet and tags that prove its originality.


  • Available in two colors
  • Adjustable strap
  • Has spacious compartments
  • Medium-sized
  • Zip closure
  • Lightweight
  • Easy to carry
  • Original logo imprinted
  • It can be used in everyday life


  • Capacity can be considered low for some people

5. Vintage Adjustable Leather bag

Vintage Adjustable Leather bag

This small and classic cross body bag is manufactured by the brand Escalon. It is made up of supreme quality leather material, which is sturdy and lightweight. It is available in different colors and patterns of cowhide leather. It has a soft texture to touch and a pleasant smell.

It is considered ideal for everyday use and has three external and one internal compartment. It comes with a sleek and stylish leather strap enhancing its perks.


  • Premium quality leather bag
  • Spacious with a 9-inch length
  • Adjustable strap
  • Durable and soft
  • Vintage style
  • Soft and durable texture
  • Money-back guarantee


  • Leather may fade after some time

6. Fossil Women Fiona large cross body hand purse

Fossil Women Fiona large cross body hand purse

It is a medium-large sized rectangular cross body bag of premium quality. It is quite spacious and comes with external and internal pockets. It is available in different colors and designs and is constructed from the excellent quality of leather material. It has a sling and sturdy strap which can be detached and is twenty-one inches long.


  • Different colors available
  • Vintage finish
  • Premium quality leather
  • Sturdy
  • Spacious
  • Lightweight


  • The strap is not adjustable

7. Anti-theft sling bag shoulder cross body backpack

Anti-theft sling bag shoulder cross body backpack

This exquisite stylish backpack is made from the finest quality polyester finished with nylon lining; it has the advantage of being sturdy and water-resistant. It has a unique lock mechanism that protects your belongings with an anti-theft mechanism. It has a soft strap made of sponge material, which is relatively easy to carry. It can be used to take clothes and books because of its capacity. It comes with an external USB charger on the exterior surface, making it convenient to charge phones.


  • External charger
  • Quite durable material
  • Water-resistant
  • Wear-resistant
  • Soft nylon straps
  • Spacious
  • It has a zip closure


  • The strap cannot be detached

8. Lightweight medium cross body bag with tassels

Lightweight medium cross body bag with tassels

This beautiful and elegant cross body bag is available in different colors with a sleek tassel on its front side. It is manufactured from imported material which is quite soft from inside. It has zipper pockets and has an added benefit of an inside zipper pocket, which can be quite useful. It has room to carry everyday stuff and a long, easily adjustable strap.


  • Zipper pocket inside and outside
  • Made of leather material
  • Imported
  • Adjustable soft strap
  • Gold finish tassel
  • Spacious
  • Soft texture


  • Zippers can be defective after prolonged use.

9. The small Quitted cross body bag

The small Quitted cross body bag

These elegant six-inch cross body bags are available in beautiful colors. It comes with an added perk of a three-inch coin bag attached to it, which can be used to carry cards, keys, and money. It has a broad adjustable leather strap, which is convenient to carry on the shoulder. It has an additional feature of the golden-colored chain combined with the coin purse or can bring classic effect to your crossbody bag.


  • Made of soft material
  • High-quality leather
  • The broad strap which can be adjusted
  • Stylish coin purse
  • Gold chain
  • Medium-sized
  • Luxurious effect
  • Return policy available


  • Gold chain is relatively short

10. Vera Bradley Cotton Cross-body bag

Vera Bradley Cotton Cross-body bag

This bag is from Vera Bradley. It is manufactured from fine quality durable cotton material that can be cleaned and washed; it has a polyester lining from inside with a wide rectangular bottom. It is easy to carry in travel. It is available in different stylish patterns that are colorful and eye-catching. It has three various pockets on the front and backside, which make it ideal for everyday use. It is secured with triple zips and is twelve-inch long. It has a soft adjustable strap made up of sufficient quality cotton material.


  • The internal surface is lined
  • Made of washable cotton
  • Lightweight
  • Different patterns available
  • Two external pockets
  • Zipper closure
  • Imported material
  • Bottom is flat


  • Not much durable
  • Require more care


This article has reflected the perks and disadvantages of the most stylish and durable cross body bags available in the market, and it has covered their designs and size that will help you choose the one you want.

Cross body bags are a new fashion statement in addition to being sturdy and elegant. To select a premium and stylish cross body bag, you can dive into the advantages and disadvantages of these bags and choose the material and color which will suit you the most.

Their sound quality and soft straps are more comfortable to carry on the shoulder, make them the more demanding and loved purchase in today’s fashion world. So avail the chance to get durable and affordable products.

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