How Much Does Leather Cost?

How Much Does Leather Cost?

Have you ever thought about what the price of leather is? Why certain leather items are more expensive than other types? There isn’t a standard answer to this question since the cost of leather depends on a variety of different elements. The most important thing to bear in mind that just the fact that a product made of leather is priced higher doesn’t necessarily indicate that it’s of higher quality.

Apart from obvious differences, for example, comparisons of top grain bonded leather There are other subtle differences which you may not even be aware of. These differences could can affect the cost that the product will cost. It is also important to point out that price ranges may differ from one country to the next country, and also due to fluctuation in exchange rates. So, the prices listed here are only to give an overall understanding of what you can be expecting when you are searching for your ideal leather bag.

The Origins of the Hides

The animal’s origins and the hides used in the production of the leather plays an integral role in the way they are made in terms of quality and consequently cost. For instance leather from the European region is known for producing the highest quality leather because of the high quality of the hides that are produced by the animals. This is due to the favorable climate conditions, since the animals aren’t subjected to insect bites. Additionally, European animals are generally allowed to develop naturally without any intervention from humans. In addition, the lack of hormones for growth within their bodies allows them to develop naturally robust and strong hides.

If we’re discussing a small bag made of top grain or full grain leather that is of the same quality, with tanning and dying techniques and the price could range from between 120 and 160 USD, or 50 to 80 USD, which is in favor of South American producers.

But, as we’ve mentioned earlier, Europeans have an advantage in the way they can get higher quality leather yields. This lets them make the most exquisite leather, which can push prices down. A small, top quality European handbag, which isn’t the fashion elite, might be priced between 100-140 USD and South Americans would not even make these bags and instead prefer cheaper models.

What is Leather Tanned?

Alongside the methods of tanning, which could have a significant impact in the final price of an item, it’s important to determine the place where the leather was processed. Italian leather is typically high-end due to the fact that the business is one that puts a lot of importance on taking care of the animals, their workers, and the natural environment in a responsible way. However, they prefer to employ one of the most ancient and reliable tanning methods, namely vegetable tanning. It’s a an organic, yet lengthy process that transforms hides into leather. This is why they’re able to create the highest quality products.

What could be the cost differences based on the method of tanning?

We can’t define a price for it because it so dependent on the amount of bags that are produced. The price difference may be as high as 15-20 percent over the mass produced chromium-tanned chromium leather.

The kind of Hide Employed

Cattle hide is the one most commonly utilized (around 70%) for the manufacture of leather products and leather. Goats, sheep and pigs are responsible for 34% of the total and the remaining percent is derived from kangaroos horses, and other less acceptable (endangered) animal species.

It is important to remember that bull hides are generally more durable and stronger in comparison to cowhide. That’s the reason why bullhide products are usually more expensive than cowhide and aren’t always popular with its customers. However, the fact that this is not always reflected in the final products. So, you’ll have to completely rely on the reliability of the person who is selling you an product.

What exactly is Aniline Leather?

There are three primary kinds of leather: Aniline leather semi aniline leather and colored leather. Of the three, aniline is considered to be one of the “untouched” the leather. From the raw skin of animals to leather, there is nothing altered to the material. There is no change of the animal skin. This means that it is the most natural form of any leather. This is why it is the best leather you can find. It’s soft and silky smooth. It could, however, be very costly.

What exactly is Bonded Leather?

Bonded leather comes of leftover leather and scraps of leather in addition to an adhesive (typically the material is plastic). It is then cut into sheets which can be used as upholstery material or made into leather products.

Is suede made of leather?

Suedeis a kind of leather that has soft surface and napped surface that is created by removing the skin from an animal’s skin. It is made mostly of sheepskin, however it can be made from goatskin, cowskinor deer skin, pigskin and other skins of animals. Suede however, on the contrary hand, is more smooth, lighter, and more flexible than full-grain, which is used to make Crazy Horse Leather.

Why is it that Suede is less expensive than Leather?

In the first place to begin with, is suede really more expensive than leather? It’s not. It varies based on the type of leather, suede is typically less expensive than leather. Why is that? Because low-quality hides are typically treated for suede, only the finest hides are used to make leather.

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