How to fit a suit into a backpack

How to fit a suit into a backpack

In general, this can be a problem because you’re worried you’ll damage the creases, even more so when you don’t have enough hangers in your closet. If you have to carry your suit on your trip, this becomes an even bigger challenge. It is recommended that those who take their suits bring their suitcases with them and that they are packed tightly without fear of the creases being damaged.

How to fit a suit into a backpack

If you are one of those people who travels a lot with a backpack and you recoil at the thought of taking a suit with you when you hit the road. The concept behind backpacking is to try your hand at living with what you carry. What if you had to carry a set of clothes with you a lot? Even if you consider your ego to be an adventurous person, chances are you’ll need to go to the occasional business event or wedding function.

If the bag is what you use the most, the question is ‘how do you fit the suit into the back of your backpack? As a frequent traveler, you know that the most effective way to put your clothes in your backpack is to fold them in a specific way. When we say a specific way, we’re talking about folding them into small, neat rolls. That’s because rolling is much easier than folding.

Here are some quick and easy ways to teach you how to properly put your suit in your backpack.

Folding a suit to put in a backpack

First, while standing your suit straight and upright, reach into some of the sleeves and take it off to the max. In this means that some of your sleeves will be completely open. This is a rather bizarre way to dress, but trust us, it’s the right way to do it. Remember, the shoulder pads also need to be inside out .

Then, take the right shoulder pad, smooth it out slightly, and put it into the shoulder pad you pulled out, from the inside out.

Make sure the folded part is aligned with the padding and place it on the side of the bag. When the clothes are tucked into the back of the pack, it’s time to put on your pants.

Without causing any damage to the folds, hold the pants in a safe position and fold them into quarters. Then, you can tuck the pants into the jacket. After you have done this, fold the jacket over the pants again.

When you drape the suit across your bag, make sure the lining is facing outward and chances are the back of the suit won’t get dirty. This is how you carry your suit inside your backpack.

Remember the basics of folding. The sleeves need to appear as smooth as possible to keep them in place, and make sure your suit has been folded with every seam that is natural. In the event that you don’t, you may prefer to roll your suit up before you put it in the bottom of your backpack.

To give your suit and shirt an extra layer of protection from creases, put a heavier layer of clothing inside , keeping the jacket in shape. Make a pair of jeans into a tube, then put your suit and jacket around it. Once secured, take out some of the T-shirts you have and wrap them around it.

To make it more secure, secure it with a belt to prevent it from falling down the side. Now you can put this bag wherever you want, however, we recommend not putting any weight on it.

Fold the shirt to fit in your backpack

The shirt can be folded exactly the way you tucked your jacket. Alternatively, you can tie it to your suit to ensure that the fold is not broken.

You can also use packing containers when you want to pack several pieces of clothing with your suit. For a pair or a single shirt, you can also make use of packing boxes or packing folders as they can make your shirts very compact and easy to transport.

Packing shoes

Backpackers around the world agree that packing those shoes can be a daunting task. Most of the time spent packing is spent on deciding what shoes to bring. If you’re in another country, you can wear sandals or sneakers. But these are formal footwear we’re talking about, and they’re more extravagant and heavier than your average hiking shoes.

The answer is as simple as it gets. Just put on the shoes you’re going to wear to match your outfit, and then put the other pair in your bag. If you think wearing formal shoes and jeans will look unprofessional, but trust us, you won’t. Formal shoes look great when paired with jeans. Not only will you be wearing your best shoes (in the air), however, you will also be making yourself stand out from the other passengers

Accessories and Ties
These are the easiest items to carry and follow the same guidelines for backpack packing. Simply wrap your ties into a roll and tie them around the shoulders of your folded jacket. This will also help you keep the shape of your jacket. Another option is to put them in another pair of shoes you have stored, where they will be safe and sound, undisturbed, and not wrinkled.

The same thing can happen with socks. Alternatively, you can use packing cubes in case the shoulders of your jacket get burst.

Other ways to pack your suit

After we’ve learned how to pack a suit into a backpack, let’s explore some other (and reasonable) ways to get it done.

Use a suit bag

This is the best option, however this article will show you how to pack your suit into a backpack. However, you can put your suit inside a classic bag, then carefully place it inside your backpack and cover it with jeans. This way, you won’t need to put the suit case in an overhead storage box or worry about it being crushed by luggage belonging to someone else.

Put on a suit!

Another way you can keep your suit wrinkle-free is if you need to take it with you on a trip. When you’re at the airport, it’s easy to change what you’re wearing from casual clothes to a suit and wear it on the flight. When you get off the plane and have a change of clothes, you can put them back into your casual wear and put your suit across your shoulders or in a suit pocket (if you have one). Although this is definitely not recommended for those who are traveling for long periods of time.

To keep your suits looking their crisp, follow the first tip on how to pack them in your backpack.

Sending your suit by courier

Instead of putting your suit in your backpack, you can use the method we demonstrated to carry it with you and have it shipped directly to your hotel by express courier. With so much stress, there is no need to worry about ruining your suit.

To sum up

Now you know the best way to carry your suit in your backpack. If you follow the basic guidelines we’ve provided above, you’ll be able to accomplish this task quickly. The important thing to note is that if you only wear it once, take it easy and don’t worry about carrying it around, as the suit can only take a certain amount of wear and tear.

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