How to Measure a Laptop For a Bag?

How to Measure a Laptop For a Bag?

When it comes to selecting the right case for your laptop, the old saying “measure twice and cut once” is very true. Knowing the dimensions of your laptop will help you avoid any confusion and ensure you get the right bag. Simply measure your laptop and then take note of the dimensions.

How do I measure my laptop? It could lead to navigation in blindness if you don’t measure correctly. This is crucial. To find the perfect laptop bag size, there are some numbers you will need. This includes the screen size, depth, width, height, and width of your laptop. Here are the dimensions of laptop bags.

How to Measure Laptop Sizes for Bags

The best method to measure the dimensions on laptops is to do so diagonally, i.e. measuring from edge-toedge. It is crucial to determine the laptop’s length, width, height and dimensions.

Certain bags, such backpacks, have a long vertical section that runs between north and south. Laptop sleeves and bags will have a horizontal section running from west to east. These things will help you make the right decision when shopping for bags for laptops.

Measure the Diagonal

It is important to turn off your laptop before you start the process. This will ensure that accuracy. Place the tape at the intersection of your laptop and diagonal to measure its width. It is important to extend the tape to the lower corner. It is better to not use the measurements of the bezel. This is the protective casing that surrounds your screen. It can add a millimeter to your dimensions. This is necessary to get the exact diagonal dimensions for your laptop. If the screen measures 16 inches in length, the overall diagonal dimension of the screen will be greater due to the trim around it.

Measure the Width

After measuring your diagonal width, it’s important to calculate the laptop width. The tape must be placed along the entire width the laptop. Place it in the direction of left to right that coincides the longest edges of your laptop. This is your laptop’s dimension.

It is important to ensure that the sleeve that you choose will not be too large or that your laptop will be protected while it moves around.

Measure the Height

It is important to keep your laptop closed during the entire process for greater accuracy. Measure the height of your laptop by placing the measuring tape inside the cover. It’s the side that is parallel to the lowest.

This will give you the exact measurements of your laptop. However, ensure that your bag is at least two inches or a few centimeters in size. It is as easy as adding these dimensions onto the actual size of your computer. It will ensure that your laptop is not stuck to the sleeves or bag.

Measure the Depth

Tape must be applied to flat surfaces to measure depth. Start measuring horizontally up to determine the depth of the laptop. You must also be aware of how high your laptop rises above the table’s surface.

For older laptops, the importance of depth is even more important as they aren’t as slim as the newer models. You must ensure that the bag is not less than half an inch wider than the laptop’s width when you buy a bag.

Final words

Once you have figured out how to determine the size of a laptop to fit into a bag, it is time to make a purchase. It can be overwhelming with all the options available. However, if you are clear about what you want, and where you should look, you will be able to achieve it. In a matter of minutes, you can find the perfect laptop bag for you.

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