How to Measure a Laptop For a Bag?

How to Measure a Laptop For a Bag?

The old saying “measure twice, cut once,” is proven to work very well when it comes to choosing the right case for your laptop. If you know the dimensions that your laptop is, you’ll be able to stay clear of questions and doubt and choose the perfect bag from the very first time. All you need to do is take a measurement of your laptop, and be aware of the dimensions.

How do you take measurements of your laptop? If you make the wrong measurements, it could be worse than navigating in blind. It’s crucial to get this right. There are some numbers that you’ll require to figure out the ideal laptop bag size. This includes the size of the screen along with the depth, width, as well as the height and width of your gadget. Here’s how to determine the size of the dimensions of laptop bags.

How to Measure Laptop Size for a Bag

The most effective method of measuring the dimensions of laptops is to take it in diagonal measurements, i.e., from edge-to-edge. However, it is vital to determine the length, width and height of the laptop.

In certain bags, like backpacks, you’ll find an elongated vertical section running between north and south. However laptop bags or sleeve will have an horizontal section that runs that runs from west to east. Knowing these things can help you to make the right choice when purchasing bags for laptops.

Measure the Diagonal

Before starting the process, it is necessary shut down your laptop in order to ensure greater accuracy. To measure the actual width of your diagonal you should place the tape at the intersection of the laptop. It is necessary to extend the tape until it reaches the lower part of the opposite corner. It is preferential to not use the bezel’s measurements. This is the casing that surrounds the screen. It may add an millimeter to your dimensions. This is necessary in order to achieve the exact diagonal dimensions of your laptop. For example, if the screen is 16 inches long The overall diagonal dimension will be larger due to the trim surrounding the screen.

Measure the Width

After taking the measurement of your diagonal width, it is essential to calculate the laptop’s width. You must place the tape along the entire width of the laptop. Place it from in a direction from left to right which coincides with the longest edges of the laptop. This is the dimension of your laptop.

It is essential to make sure that the sleeve you choose to use will not be too wide or that the laptop will not be protected when it’s moving around.

Measure the Height

For greater accuracy, it is necessary to keep your laptop shut throughout the process. To measure the heightof your laptop, you must put the measuring tape on the bottom and top inside the cover of your laptop. It’s the lateral side parallel to the sides with the lowest.

This will tell you the exact measurement of the laptop. But , make sure your laptop’s bag be at least a few centimeters or 2 inches in size. It is just a matter of adding these dimensions to the actual size of your laptop. It will guarantee that the laptop will not stick or be glued snugly into the sleeves or bag.

Measure the Depth

For to measure the depth you need to put the tape on flat surfaces. Begin measuring upwards in a horizontal direction to calculate the laptop’s depth. Also you must be aware of how high the laptop rises above table’s surface.

The aspect of depth is more crucial for older laptops, which aren’t as slim as the latest laptops. When purchasing a bag you must ensure that the bag is at least half an inch larger than the width of the laptop.

Final Words

When you’ve figured out how to evaluate a laptop’s size to fit in a bag, you are now ready to make an purchase. With the many choices available, it can be a daunting task. But, as long as you are aware of what you want and the best places to look, you’ll do it easily. You’ll be able to find your ideal laptop bag within a matter of minutes.

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