Hiking is one of the most popular activities in the world. Part of the reason people love it is because of its diversity. With millions of hiking trails on every continent, there are different types of hikes to try, so the hiking package will likely vary from time to time.

One of the most challenging aspects for those who hike is not the physical activity itself, but making sure you have the proper equipment to carry. There are various requirements depending on where you are going and the conditions of your hike, however, for most hikers, there are a few items that you must have.


This simple guide can help you effectively pack your hiking backpack to hold all the necessary equipment without feeling heavy. We’ll give you the tips you must follow to carry your backpack like a pro and the exact items you must carry on your next hike.

Hiking essentials

No matter how long your hike is or where you’re going, there are certain essentials that you must have. They are the essentials you need for comfort, safety and survival, and you shouldn’t be without them in your backpack.

Initial assistance First aid. A basic aid kit with all the necessary items can easily be tucked into the back of your backpack with items such as bandages, ointment for disinfection and tweezers.

Navigation Depending on where you’re going, you may need multiple options for navigation, such as a GPS system, map and compass.

Keeping warm While it may not be cool during the day, it’s important to be protected from the chill of the night. You can buy an undershirt, jacket and a blanket just in case, as well as a pair of gloves.

Sun protection A wide-brimmed hat is essential to prevent sunburn and should be used throughout the day.

A source of fire – Bring a lighter, matches or a fire starter in case you don’t plan to spend the night.

Lighting Choose a light source, such as a flashlight or headlamp, but bring extra batteries just in case.

Water and Food Make sure you have enough food and water for the hike, but also bring extra food just in case.

There are several options, such as a tarp or tent, and even if you don’t plan to stay overnight, bring a small bag.

How to Pack Your Backpack Properly

Once you’ve figured out exactly what you need to bring. While some prefer to simply throw everything in the pack and go, you enjoy your hike more when you pack effectively.

Every backpack has a different design, so it’s hard to pinpoint exactly how they should be laid out, but the goal is to make sure it’s balanced and not overcrowded. Start by putting everything you’re carrying in your pack, making sure everything is together and putting lighter items in the lower part of the pack first. It can include your sleeping equipment as well as shelter for the night along with other items that are also light.

Next, you need to arrange all the medium weight equipment in the middle and put the bulkier stuff in the back. Then, you can finish with the heavier items so that the perfect balance is achieved. Whatever you use during the day must be stored in an easily accessible compartment or pocket.

Tips for packing your hiking backpack

Before you’re ready to start hiking, there are many ways to make packing a breeze. The art of packing a hiking backpack lies in understanding these basic tips and tricks.

For added stability: Place the heavier items in your pack in the back and then in the middle.

Pay attention to the weight of your pack: and make sure the load is no more than 30% of your body weight, otherwise it will be too heavy to carry.

Once the pack is fully loaded: use any straps that came with the pack, then pull the straps as tight as possible to keep it as close to your body as possible.

Keep small items together: Make them easier to find and less likely to get lost in larger items.

Unless it’s absolutely necessary: don’t hang anything on the outside as it may cause imbalance when you walk.

If you have any empty space in your bag: You can use soft items to fill it, such as socks or rolls of clothes. This prevents items from being damaged and helps ensure that the weight is distributed evenly.

Verify: Make sure the pack you use has enough capacity to hold all the items inside, and take the time to pack and unpack several times to make sure the items will fit.

The most important hiking accessories

It is a common topic to discuss what is the most important hiking gear and what not to give up, however, the most important item is the backpack. Choosing the right backpack is a must if you don’t have a quality backpack designed for outdoor use, no matter what is packed inside.

Hiking is one of the most popular pastimes around the world and there is no limit to where you can go and what you can do, however, having the proper equipment is not something you want to play with. Therefore, it is important to choose the ideal backpack and understand the basics of carrying it properly and efficiently.

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