Do you have a wallet? What’s in it? Do you have any ideas? Do we all use bags to carry more than we need?

Why should you organize your bag?

I like to be prepared and organized, especially when I’m attending a business meeting or riding the bus, as I’ve been able to do in recent times.

I wake up less stressed if I don’t have to think about what’s in my bag. I like having less stuff to carry, which is especially helpful when riding the bus, whether it’s on a train, plane or ship.

I like leaving home knowing I have everything I need and no reason to worry that I might forget something important – like my wallet.

Use a bag-in-a-bag

For the past few years, I’ve been using an organizer for my handbag. This is basically a bag within a bag. There are a lot of these bags on the market. The organizer for my bag is quite beautiful It’s made of red leather.

My handbag organizer is a small bag in itself, with handles, compartments, and an outer pocket. The trick is to take it out of one tote and put it directly into the other.

Swapping out my bag and my organizer is so easy. One day I can take a brown bag, the next a black one – and not worry that I’ve forgotten an important item. The organizer in my handbag helps me stay well organized.

One thing I’ve learned is to keep the same things in the same place. My toiletries and wallet go in the center compartment, while my phone, pens and business cards go in the outside pockets. This way, I know exactly what I need to bring when I’m in a hurry.

Keep toiletries separate from technology

This is critical when you’re attending an occasion, giving a speech, or even going to a movie or anywhere you need to get something quickly.

I don’t need to fumble through my bag or rummage through it to find my keys anymore. I just slip them into my hand and pull out the appropriate item!” .

Keeping your personal toiletries separate from your technology items is crucial Don’t make yourself look like a fool by using lipstick and not using that flash drive.

Now, I keep all my personal items in a pouch separate from my tech items stored in another pouch. Both pouches have a distinct style; I’m able to grab the one that works for me even in the dark.

Need to have, not good to have

Since I carry a tote bag, it’s easy to have my essentials ready and packed. When I change bags, I don’t change items all at once; I just take my organizer out of one bag and put it right into the other.

I don’t carry things that I think will help. Today, I know exactly what I need to utilize in any given situation.

Pens (I carry a pen for writing as well as a drafting pen as well as a stylus)

Eyeglasses (for reading as well as sunglasses, in different situations, distinguished by their texture)

Wallet (with minimal cards and cash)

Apple phone

Keys (house and car only)

Business cards (I have several sets, each with its own card holder, so I know which set to take)

Cable roll (this is crucial for rolling up my charger and headphones to keep them from getting tangled up with other things)

Paper towels

Mirror and lip balm

Comb or toothbrush, and toothpaste (optional)

Lightweight, rollable shopping bag (optional)

iPad and Apple pencil (optional, depending on the meeting)

These fit nicely in my handbag organizer, and if they don’t (like a glass case), I tuck them in my handbag between the organizer and my larger handbag.

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