How To Remove Ink From a Leather Purse

How To Remove Ink From a Leather Purse

Leather purses are a luxury item that can last a lifetime if taken care of properly. Leather accessories are susceptible to staining and scuffing. Ink can cause the worst stain. Ink can cause the worst stains, whether the pen’s lid fell off or it was broken inside your purse. You will have ink stains no matter what the cause.

Although you might believe that an ugly ink spot is the end of your leather purse, there are still options. There are many ways to clean ink-stained skin, but this guide will only cover three of the best. This step-by-step guide will show you how to remove ink stain from leather purses.

How to Clean Ink-Stained Leather Purses

Choose the Leather Type

Before you begin to treat your ink-stained leather handbags with dye, identify the type of leather. It will remain untouched and absorbent if it is naked leather. It might not be possible to clean naked leather without professional assistance. For treatment, take it to a dry cleaner. You might spend more time and effort cleaning unfinished leather by trying to do it yourself with home remedies.

To check if the leather has been finished, add a little water to the purse. If water seeps in the leather, it is likely that the material has not been finished. In this case, professional assistance will be required. If water beads up, the material is finished leather. You can begin cleaning it.

How Deep is the Stain

You can clean ink stains from your purse that are not visible on the surface with the following methods. If the ink is very deep or has gotten into the leather, it might be necessary to have it professionally re-dyed.

You can try first rubbing alcohol

The rubbing alcohol method is the best because it is safest and most likely to work. Follow these steps to do this:

Use a cotton ball to lightly dip in rubbing alcohol.

Apply a little alcohol to a hidden area of leather to see if there are any adverse reactions. Although this shouldn’t happen, it is a good idea. You can wait for 10 minutes before applying the rubbing alcohol. If there are no noticeable changes, you can continue.

The cotton ball can be used to gently rub ink marks in circular motions. Do not scrub or rub too hard. Instead, rub the ink marks gently with the cotton ball.
Apply leather conditioner to the area affected after the ink stains have vanished. This will keep the leather soft and shiny.

This technique works with ordinary leather, suede and vinyl. It is best to catch the stain as soon as possible. You will have a much harder time cleaning the leather if the stain remains on the leather for longer. This is a small, but crucial task.

There are other methods to remove ink spots

You can always try another method if the first one doesn’t work. An ordinary white eraser can be used. It sounds strange, we know. It can sometimes be used to remove ink. This is especially helpful if the stain has been on your couch. You’re more likely to get it to work on new stains, but effectiveness depends on the ink. White Magic Eraser can be found at Wal-Mart or Target and gives excellent results. If the first method does not work, you can always use this one.


Remember to not panic. Everything happens in life. Even the worst. There is a solution for every problem. There is always a way to fix a leather bag, sofa, or other item you love dearly.

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