How To Stamp Leather?

How To Stamp Leather?

It can be fun to make leather name tags, and other projects using leather stamping. It’s not difficult to stamp leather, even though it sounds complicated. To create leather stamped pieces, all you need is a leather stamp and a hammer.
The first is for the art of it. Stamping leather, like knitting, crocheting or sewing, is another creative outlet.

The beauty of leather is another reason why people stamp it. Many leather products, such as wallets, bags, and belts, are stamped with decorative designs. The design is only decorative and adds aesthetic value to the product. Many western products, such as leather cowboy belts and other accessories, are stamped to give them a unique western look.

Functional purposes are the last reason leather is stamped. Many brands stamp leather products to allow people to be walking marketing agents. This allows people to identify the brand of product they are wearing. Stamping leather can also be used to make other products, such as luggage tags or name badges.

Prepare for Stamping

Good Leather

The first step in stamping leather is to choose the right kind of leather. Vegetable tanned leather is the best for stamping. You can also use a few other types of leather, but for beginners like you, vegetable tanned is the best. It’s easier to work with and not too costly. A very expensive leather sheet is not the best way to learn a craft like leather stamping.

The right size

Second, you need to get your leather cut to the correct size and shape for the item that you are making. To ensure a clean cut, you should always cut the leather with the flesh side down. It won’t have any flesh. We just call it the flesh side. Make sure to flip it before you cut it.

How to Get Leather Wet

The leather must be soaked in water. This process can take from minutes to several hours depending on how serious you are about leather stamping. To prepare the leather for stamping, you can quickly wet it with a sponge. Then apply the sponge to both the top and flesh sides of the leather sheet.

While this will do the job, it might not be enough for leather stampers who are more skilled. Leather crafters who use a large basin, shop sink or bathtub to soak their leather should do so. To ensure leather fibers are fully saturated with the water, leave the leather in the water for at least 30 minutes. Hang the leather to drain any excess water and then put it in a bag with all the air removed. You can leave the leather to dry for a few hours or overnight depending on your time. Once you’re ready to stamp, let it rest for a while.


Once you get the leather wet you need to let it dry for a while before stamping it. It is now time to stamp the leather.

Here are 4 steps to stamp leather

After you have completed all of the above steps, you can begin stamping. You will need to follow these four steps in order to stamp.

Firm Surface

Place a sheet of paper or a piece leather on which you are going to stamp. A hard surface will allow the stamp to adhere to leather. The stamp will not hold up if you place your leather piece on a sofa or other hard surface.

Positions of the Stamp

Place your stamp on the leather, where you want your design to appear. There are many options online for ideas and designs to choose from if you don’t know how to stamp your leather. You will find a lot of options by simply doing a google search.

Use Hammer

After you’ve found a firm surface to place your leather piece onto, you can then start hammering away. You should not accidentally slide or shift your stamp while you hammer on it. This could cause damage to the leather sheet. You can think of the doubling images that you get after a night out as what you’ll have if you accidentally shift or slide your stamp while you hammer.

Repeat Until Finished

You will need to repeat the process for any other stamps in your design if it is comprised of multiple stamps. While stamping, make sure the leather is not dry. Don’t be afraid to use a sponge to moisten the leather during the process.

Last words

It is not difficult to stamp leather, as you can see. It’s actually more difficult than that. If you don’t want to make leather products from scratch, it is impossible to stamp on a finished product without damaging it.

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