Is it better to travel with a backpack or suitcase in Europe?

Is it better to travel with a backpack or suitcase in Europe?

The length of your trip as well as your the type of travel you prefer for Europe in which many cities are lined with cobblestones and you’ll likely be traveling from one place and country to another. Due to this, travelers are often unsure whether it is better to travel with either a backpack or a suitcase.

A backpack is the ideal option for those who have to switch hotels and flying often between cities or staying at cities only for a brief time. A suitcase, on the other hand, is a better option for traveling to Europe in the event that you’ll be staying for longer time periods especially in cities with well-paved streets.

While these are among the most important aspects to consider but there are many other factors to think about when making a decision about backpacks and suitcases in Europe. Find out more.

Backpack vs Suitcase – for Europe

Europe is a must-see place for a lot of people but it will require some planning in order to ensure security and comfort when you visit the numerous beautiful and historical towns.

Deciding what kind of luggage you’ll need to bring be the first thing on your list of priorities. Most travelers will use either a suitcase or backpack to travel around the world So, below you’ll discover more about the pros and drawbacks of the two.

The Benefits of Traveling Europe with a backpack

Ideal for those who frequently change hotels:If your itinerary means you’ll have to move from one hotel to the next frequently, that means you’ll have to carry your luggage along as you ascend and descend various steps, as well as making a journey to and from different hotels. A backpack will be more practical since it lets you quickly travel to and from without carrying the suitcase around with you wherever you travel.

Traveling often: Using a backpack that meets the size limits for carry-ons that are required by European airline is the best design for backpackers who are traveling between cities. A backpack with a smaller size that you can check into can save you money and help make your travel more enjoyable.

Simple navigation: Europe’s famous cobblestone roads are much easier to navigate by foot if you’re carrying a backpack instead of luggage, and you’ll also be able stroll further without any issues. Additionally elevators and escalators not commonplace in many areas in Europe as well as public transportation options are more accommodating to those with backpacks. Being able to move around in areas that are crowded is also easier for those who carry backpacks.

Storage When you stay in hostels that are backpacker friendly that have lockers, they typically have lockers that allow you to put away your backpack and swap it out with a smaller pack for day-to-day tasks. A large suitcase is just too large to fit into the lockers.

Great for those who visit more affluent European cities The towns that are old all over Europe particularly those located in Eastern Europe or Italy, France, Greece, and Spain do not have the required infrastructure like escalators or elevators, or roads that are more suited to luggage, whether wheeled or otherwise.

They are light than suitcases as they can weigh as low as 2 pounds. However an average-sized suitcase of the same dimensions will weigh up to 5 pounds or more.

Weatherproof When you choose an outdoor backpack that is waterproof or comes with the raincover that covers it, you’ll be set to travel around Europe even in the rainy season. The backpack you choose to use can double as a mountain hiker’s backpack that is useful if you are looking to ski into or hike on your travels.

durable: Travel backpacks are made to last longer than luggage and are ideal when your travel plans require you to be exposed to rough terrains or walking for miles. If you plan to embark on hiking excursions in Europe the backpack is certain to be the right choice.

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