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Why Buy a Leather Backpack?

Before I go any further, let’s get one thing out of the way right from the jump: Leather backpacks will be, by and large, more expensive than your average daypack. Most of that’s to do with the materials. Leather’s just more pricey to produce than cotton or synthetic fabrics. But try not to get too off-put by the price tag because there are real benefits to biting the bullet and buying a leather backpack. Most importantly, aside from looking cool as hell, leather’s also way more durable than other fabrics. Think about your favorite pair of leather boots — they can take one hell of a beating without compromising anything in terms of integrity. The same goes for a leather backpack. Get yourself a good one, and you can rest easy knowing that you don’t have to worry about an errant tear leaving your valuables accidentally strewn in the street. On top of the durability component, you’ve also got the fact that leather tends to get even better the more you use it, developing a fine, one-of-a-kind patina over time. All this is to say, think of a leather backpack like an investment in the future of your personal style. And one you definitely won’t regret.

How to pick the perfect leather?

In selecting the leather for your backpack there are two simple factors to keep in mind: color and pebbled or non-pebbled leather. Our backpacks come in a range of colors all with that irresistible real-leather glow, so it is hard to go wrong. For a soft, slouchy, moldable feel though – opt for one of our full-grain pebbled leathers. Or if you like a smooth finish and a vintage look, choose from our classic smooth full-grain options.

Consider the function:

Whether you like the look of a slouchy drawstring bucket backpack, a vintage rucksack, a modern zipper tote backpack, we have options to fit all your needs. With (buttery smooth) zippers or solid brass buckles, we choose only the best hardware to pair with leather that will last a lifetime.

Backpack Size:

For travel by car, bus, airplane, or motorcycle, our largest backpack the cool, rugged rolltop is the perfect backpack-duffle for you. Inspired by vintage army rucksacks, the solid brass Conway buckle securely adds style and enjoyment.