What are different styles of handbags?

What are different styles of handbags?

Bags are one of the things that we utilize every moment of the day. Their function is crucial as it is where we store our important items like phones, wallets as well as other valuable objects. When you are searching for the latest leather bag be sure to pick one that’s durable. It should be able safeguard your possessions from theft as well as the harsh weather, and keep you going for as long as is possible before you have is to exchange it for a brand new one. However, with the numerous kinds of bags available choosing the right one may be a bit overwhelming.

To assist you in deciding on the best type of handbag for you, here you’ll see the primary kinds of handbags in our Western culture to make your shopping experience more enjoyable and informed. Without further delay let’s get right into the details.

1. Purse/Clutch

Purses, also referred to as clutch bags or clutches are among the smallest kinds of purses available. We know there are some may disagree with the initial statement that purses aren’t large generally. As per our definition, they’re smaller purses that can be carried in your hand, as clutches. This is why we chose to join the two. However, from this point onwards, we’ll refer to them as purses since it’s an easier concept for the fashion-conscious there.

Purses are extremely elegant, and there’s a the most straightforward explanation for this reasons. They aren’t what typical handbags do, in terms of dimensions. Thus, where it falls short in certain areas, it must compensate in other areas. These other areas tend to be design and style.

The majority of purses are rectangular and feature buckles or zippers for the enclosure. Some have small wrist straps, and others have chains that are detachable from the shoulder straps. There are some that come with nothing chain or straps that force you to carry it around in your hand and are popular for their second name , namely clutch.

Because purses are generally smaller, you are able to carry a few smaller items, for example, business and bank credit cards, cash smartphones or perhaps a more compact makeup kit, for instance. They are being used for formal occasions and parties since they look great with a dress or dress.

2. Tote Bag

Tote bags are typically larger in terms of size than its counterparts. They’re usually rectangular or square with a broad bottom. The top part that is the top of the bag usually than not fully open and allows effortless access point to possessions. There are bags with a zipper closure however, bags that have no closure whatsoever are getting less and less sought-after due to evident reasons.

Tote bags are usually than not fitted with handles long enough to allow you to carry the bag across shoulders. But, this is more of an option rather than a standard. Some bags, like this one, come with smaller handles and come with a strap for the shoulder that is detachable. But, this doesn’t mean that the bag is any less of a bag.

They are typically better suited to shop and that is why they are often called shopper bags and shopping bags. They are comfortable to carry around and have an adequate storage capacity that can accommodate many things.

But, increasingly bags are turning into normal bags, which means that they’re here to assist you in making a fashionable appearance, while retaining a large amount inside. This makes it easy to go on small-scale shopping. Again, the term can be discarded if you enjoy it and it meets your preferences.

3. Shoulder Bags

Shoulder bags fall into the categories that aren’t as evident when it comes to bags for women. Since the term “handbag” is so broad it surely will take shoulder bags in its fold. These bags are a bit like satchels or messenger bags, but the major distinction is in the design. Shoulder bags that are part of the category of handbags are usually elegant and are accessories first. We all know, accessories are designed to improve one’s appearance and increase confidence. the shoulder bags can be great in achieving both.

4. Satchel

Satchel is the term used to describe those big and robust handbags with a broad and flat bottoms. The main opening in the bag is protected with a flap. It usually includes two handles. It doesn’t have to have an opening flap, however it is usually. It also doesn’t need to have two handles. There could be just one or none, as in the picture above. But, we’re talking about the vast majority.

It could also have a strap for your shoulder, which means you can carry it around your shoulders in case you require. In a sense, they can be described as shoulders bags that remain in the category of handbags.

Because satchels are a bigger kind of bag they are often used for carrying larger objects such as laptops, books or files. Women and men alike carry satchels to work, school or even for traveling.

Today, the concept has grown in size, with more bags with similar design. Most people agree that a satchel must be spacious and have an extra wide bottom. However, at the end of it all, whether or not it’s an actual satchel or the messenger or some other bag, it doesn’t necessarily matter, does it?

5. Bucket Bag

The name is a clue the bucket bags are designed in the shape of an actual bucket. There are bags that have a top opening but aren’t very safe, but there are bags with drawstring closures. They usually come with straps for the shoulder and are utilized for shoulder bags, with others having a handle on top of the opening and could be used as a bag for hand.

A bucket bag offers spacious storage space that can hold a variety of things like cellphones as well as wallets, vanity accessories books, and much other things. They are typically constructed of sturdy materials including leather. Due to their unique design they can be considered an accessory, however they’re also very practical and comfortable.

As you will observe that these bags are slightly flexible with regards to its final shape and size. The most suitable material to pick from is definitely the full grain leather since it ensures that you appear stylish and the bag will last for a long time.

6. Hobo Bag

Hobo bags are typically spacious bags with an opening that is large on the top, which can accommodate larger objects. The bags typically come with one long handle that can also be used as a shoulder strap making them easy to carry on your hands or your shoulder.

The zipper is what secures the bag’s main opening. Sometimes it has many small compartments inside. It’s also not a rule of thumb that if the zipper is damaged the bag isn’t permitted to be referred to as hobo bags. However, taking a variety of hobo bags in consideration it’s clear the definition of a hobo. They also have a strong following among women because of their relaxed style and large interior.


At this point, you ought to know the most commonly used kinds of bags are available for purchase. You can clearly see that every bag is designed for a specific function and is available in various sizes. When you purchase bags, it is important to be aware of its intended use. Are you planning to store important items or do you just want to for carrying your small and essential things? This question can assist you in making a choice regarding the type of bag you’ll need to purchase.

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