What is Genuine Leather?

What is Genuine Leather?

Genuine leather looks too good to be true. You may be walking in a leather store and see a product that seems like a steal. It is beautiful and has a lower price than other leather products. It’s calling out to you, and you notice that it’s made from “Genuine Leather.” But you’ll soon realize that this “genuine” leather product isn’t all it seems to be. What is genuine leather? You can read our earlier article. Let’s not forget about it, as many people still have questions.

How is Genuine Leather Made?

When you buy genuine, you are not getting fake lather – you’re just getting the best. It simply means it isn’t top grain or full-grain. This could be used to mean many different things. It is intentionally vague.

Split leather can be genuine leather in many cases. This means that the hide’s lower layers (or inner) are removed. The “top grain” is the outer, better-quality parts. The thickness of the skin determines the ability to remove multiple layers from one hide. Some skins, such as cow hide, can be divided into different levels. The intermediate layers, which are between top grain or suede, can be genuine leather. This is a matter of the hide’s position, not quality.

Sometimes, genuine leather can also be mixed with scraps of leather and other artificial materials or bonding agents.

Genuine leather is leather. It’s not the best of all the possible cuts and grains, but it is at the top of the list. It’s certainly inferior to leathers of high quality, such as full grain or top grain.

The durability and longevity of “Genuine Leather” is less than that of better leather products. Although it may make a good first impression, it is not likely to last for long.

What is genuine leather?

The name “real leather” has a lovely ring to it but that’s all there is to this type of leather product. It is often one of the lowest quality leathers available, exceeding only the Bonded Leather, which technically is not leather.

Genuine leather is made from the bottom of the hide, after it has been soaked. Then it is split into two parts: the top and lower. The most common scenario is that genuine leather is made from scraps and other leftovers. This is similar to bonded leather. This means that leather products can be made from any material as long as they contain 10-20% actual leather. Genuine leather is the leftovers from meat products, such as the ground beef that you can purchase in a tube at your local supermarket.

If you see genuine leather labels, be ready for anything. The best way to determine what type of leather was used in making the product is by looking at the price. To learn more about the type of leather used, you can refer to our How Much Does It Cost? article.


Genuine leather is used in many of the products that you’ll find at your local mall. These products can be anything, from a belt to a bag to a wallet. These leathers can also be used to make lower quality shoes. This leather is most commonly found in local department stores and not high-end retailers. These products are not as costly as full-grain leather or top grain leather.

Genuine leather products are generally of lower quality. They can develop stretch marks and become brittle over time. You will not be able to breathe like full grain leather or top grain leather if you purchase items like shoes or jackets. They can also cause you to overheat when worn during warmer seasons.


You may wonder if genuine leather is worth the effort after reading this article. These products are definitely better for those who can afford real leather. They are also less expensive. This is particularly important in today’s consumeristic world where items purchased last year become uninteresting or obsolete.

These leathers are easy to maintain. All you have to do is wipe them down with a damp cloth and polish them with a cream or conditioner. This will increase their durability and stop them drying out or cracking as quickly. If they get a scratch or dent, you will not be able to use a cream like you would with full-grain leather items.


It is up to you to decide what you want. A genuine leather product is a sensible and cost-effective option if you enjoy buying a new bag, shoes, wallet, or other accessory every year. If you don’t like the usual items, but want something unique, long-lasting and durable, then full grain or top-grain leather products should be your first choice.

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